Attention Men & women over 40

Want to melt up to 50lbs of fat in 6 months or less WITHOUT having to diet, count calories, or spend hours exercising?



The #1 Solution for men & women over 40 to get permanent results and achieve weight loss freedom.

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“Evie looks and feels 10 years younger!”

Evie is a busy mom of 5 and she lost 40+ pounds. She’s an inspiration to her family and she’s keeping the weight off for life.

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“Eric Lost 20 Pounds In Just A Few Short Months!”

Eric melted 20 lbs of fat and flattened his gut. He went from feeling lost and stuck to finally being consistent with his life and health.

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“Casey is comfortable in her skin again!”

Casey lost 30 lbs and finally got the results she truly wanted. Now she feels strong, confident, healthy, and sexy again!

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“Evan dropped 30 lbs in 3 months!”

Evan is a busy dada who made a whole lifestyle change and melted fat without sacrificing burgers, beer, or food in general!

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“Diana can keep up with her grandchildren!”

Diana lost 15 pounds and dramatically boosted her strength and energy. Now she’s doing all the activities she wants to without any worry or limitations.

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“Ginger can jog and run again!”

Ginger lost 30 lbs and is now in better shape than she used to be before her pregnancy.

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“Patti is confident in her own skin again!”

Patti lost 17 pounds while still eating her favorite foods. She’s changed her habits and created a sustainable lifestyle that helps her keep the weight off!

Who is Mark Avens?

Hi, my name is Mark Avens and I’m here to start a MOVEMENT for men & women over 40.

Since 1995, when I graduated with my degree in Physical Therapy, I’ve been training people from every walk of life.

Men, women, athletes, top executives, moms, dads and every kind of person in between.

But over the years, I noticed that there is an ENORMOUS lie being told to men & women over 40 by the health and fitness industry….

These lies are what’s left you yo-yoing back and forth with your weight, struggling for months or maybe even years and never really getting the results you truly want.

Instead, what’s being shown to you are all these “solutions” that leave you worse than when you started…

These quick fixes are things like:

On top of that, you’re told to do crazy stuff like crossfit or typical gym workouts that usually leave you feeling more lost or even injured.

Listen, you know that as you’ve gotten older, your body just isn’t the same as it used to be. That means all the stuff that may have worked in the past simply won’t get you the same results anymore.

In the end, when you’re over 40, you’re in a different phase of life, your priorities are different, your body is different, and your time is different, so guess what?

You need something different!

You can’t be following what’s usually marketed out there because who wants to be counting calories or doing hours of cardio or cutting out carbs.

Life is already busy as it is and you already have a full plate so what’s the use in making things more miserable by feeling restricted and not being able to eat the foods you love!

So That’s why I came up with the Lean Body Breakthrough Program.

I wanted to provide a permanent solution to men & women over 40 who were sick and tired of never getting the results they truly wanted.

It’s time to reclaim your health and your life for GOOD in the Lean Body Breakthrough Program

So you may be wondering,

What is the Lean Body Breakthrough Program?

So you may be wondering, what is the Lean Body Breakthrough Program?

You won’t find another program that’s proven and time tested to work. I know and understand that your body just isn’t the same once you’re over 40.

You need simplicity, efficiency, and structure so that you can transform your body by losing the fat forever. Imagine being able to tighten and tone your body the right way while simultaneously helping you feel stronger, more energized, and stress free!

This program is designed so that this will be the very last weight loss solution you’ll ever need for the rest of your life.

With over 25+ years of in the trenches experience, I’ve simplified the process for you so you can still get into the best shape of your life WITHOUT a diet, counting calories, or ever feeling restricted again.

You’ll build a solid foundation for your health using our three F’s:


Foundation #1

Here at Mark Avens Coaching, we know that diets suck, counting calories suck, having to weight your food sucks, and never eating carbs sucks! That’s why we don’t do any of that.

When you’re over 40, the last thing you want to be doing is counting everything you eat in your phone. It’s not sustainable at all, especially when you have family gatherings, parties, grandkids, etc. I love food, and I believe a life without pizza and chocolate is no life at all.

So you’ll get your very own personalized nutrition blueprint that will revolutionize your nutrition. You’ll use an easy system that is clear, flexible, and nonrestrictive.

You’ll learn the proper habits and how to fuel your body properly so that you no longer feel sluggish and tired during the day. Your workout plan, paired with your nutrition blueprint will ensure you’re maximizing your fat loss while still helping you feel younger and stronger at the same time!


Foundation #2

Once you download our personalized training app, you’ll receive your own custom workout plan that is tailored to all of your goals and activity level.

You’ll have a step by step guide that gives you exactly what you need so that you can properly build the body of your dreams the right way.

You don’t need weights, a gym, or any fancy equipment. All of your phases will use quick and effective body weight workouts that will take you 20 minutes or less.

With the workouts, you’ll see how simple it really is to melt that belly fat, tone your arms, reboot your metabolism, and gain back your confidence when you look in the mirror.


Foundation #3

Once you join, you will be part of our Inner Circle, a group of like minded individuals who want to see you win!

We know that in order to give you the permanent solution you want, you need the proper support and accountability. We’ll help you by giving you:


Join our movement

The 3 F’s above are everything you need to transform your life forever. However, I know that you’re not just doing this for yourself….

You’ll be joining our movement of men & women who want to make an impact in their life but also in the lives of others!

Whether it be for your family, your kids, your partner, or your grandkids, we’re here to change lives!

That’s why after 25 years of being a coach, I’m not looking for clients.

I’m looking for SUCCESS STORIES!

Because of that, this is the only program for men & women over 40 where you ACTUALLY LEARN because we know that, in order to be successful and to get permanent results, you have to change your habits.

To do that, we have weekly trainings that will help 2x, 5x, even 10x your results.

These trainings get so much amazing feedback that they alone will make your investment well worth it.

We go over various topics like…

So come join our movement, get in the best shape of your life, and help us fight against the lies that are being spread about weight loss for men & women over 40.

See how the Lean BOdy Breakthrough Is

Changing Lives

Have What It Takes To Reach Your Goals & Finally Achieve The Transformation?

WHO IS THE Lean Body Breakthrough Program FOR?

Please ONLY apply to join The Lean Body Breakthrough Program if:

Who SHOULD NOT Join The Lean Body Breakthrough Program?

Please do not book your strategy call and apply for the Lean Body Breakthrough Program if:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. In fact, more than ever!
I understand millions of people across the world have just lost access to their gym membership, bootcamp classes and/or personal trainer. However, that doesn’t affect your ability to work with me.

My program is fully online and can be done anywhere in the world. Whether you’re at home, at work, or at the park, you can access me and my program wherever you are!

On our free 1-on-1 strategy call we’ll brainstorm and build a plan made SPECIFICALLY for you. It’ll help you achieve your goals, overcome your problems, and build a solid foundation for your health and fitness so that you have a PERMANENT and LONG TERM solution.

However, I only have a limited amount of spots so you have to hurry! If you’re seeing this now, that means that you can still join!


Through your personal Fitness app, you will have a direct line to your coaches 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Just keep in mind that we sleep sometimes too and won’t always answer your questions immediately at 3am 😉

Not to mention, you’ll have weekly check ins to see how your weekly progress has gone and if anything needs changes to help you keep moving forward.


A gym membership may be helpful but the majority of our members don’t need one.

Most of the people who are part of my program are busy as it is so going into the gym would just eat up more of their precious time.

All of my workouts can be done anywhere. In your house, in the backyard, at work, at the park. You name it, you can probably do it there.

At the end of the day, we want to free up more of your time so you can spend it with the people you love or doing the things you love.

This will work because it’s tailored 100% to your needs and goals. Each member in the program has a plan that is specific to their goals and abilities.

This isn’t your usual free or 299 dollar program because this is an actual permanent and long term solution. In the program, you are getting a workout plan, a meal plan, and systems that will help you stay on track.

However, the real product is actually learning the fundamentals of health and fitness and learning habits that will last a lifetime. I am not trying to help you for 8 weeks or 6 months or even for a year. I’m trying to help you for life.

I am even confident enough to say that as long as you stay true to the Lean Body Breakthrough Promise and do everything in the program but don’t get the results you want, I will continue to coach you for free until you crush your goals.

Like in any program, your results are up to you. I will give you everything you need to succeed with your workouts, nutrition, support, and accountability. But actually doing the program is up to YOU. I’ve had many clients lose 20 – 100+ pounds of fat depending on their starting point and their time in the program. As long as you follow the plan, you’ll be able to reach your goals.

Well first, I want to be clear with you that joining The Lean Body Breakthrough Program is not a “cost”. It’s an investment.

My clients only sign up with me because they know the overall quality of their life is going to improve dramatically over the following months.

Second, since the investment to join The Lean Body Breakthrough is subject to change and varies depending on the type of coaching you need, we only reveal the investment to people who fill out an application, see the value we’re providing, and are a good fit for the program.

That’s why we have you hop on a strategy call with us so that we can go over where you’re at with your health and fitness, your current roadblocks, your goals, and if we can help you.

We would be doing you a disservice if we recommended something that you don’t need so if you’re serious about melting up to 50 lbs of fat in 6 months or less so that you can build the body of your dreams, click one of the green buttons above to book your strategy call with us.

I hear you. I was too when I first invested into myself. As a Christian, I take fear as opportunities to grow. I lean into the feeling and trust that at the end of the journey, I know that I will be at the finish line so now it’s just doing what needs to be done to get there.

But if you are a little scared, that is completely normal. It just means you are taking this investment opportunity seriously. But let me reassure you that fear is the path to your freedom! Fear is the path to getting the change you want!

The program has a minimum 6 month commitment as we’re trying to help you build habits. Also, the total duration of the program depends on how much time we’ll need based on what you’re ultimately trying to achieve.

I always recommend “committing first, and figuring out the rest later.” And if it is your partner that you need to talk to, use these three magic words, “Trust me, baby!”

In all seriousness, the only REAL reason you would need to speak with your partner is because they do not trust you. And they do not trust you because they sense deep down that you do not trust yourself.

Let me ask you this: do you ask your partner for permission to buy them a Christmas present or a birthday gift? I’m guessing you don’t. And why not? Probably because they trust you to make this decision.

If you do not believe in yourself to make a decision to be successful, you will always remain stitch. So I’ll say it again, commit first, use the 3 magic words after you enroll, “Trust me baby!” and then take massive action.

But if it is 100% necessary to have your partner’s approval, have them jump on the call with us and we will get their questions answered.