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Our Students Are Getting Huge Wins!

If You’ve Seen Great Results For Others But Don’t Know If This Will Work For You…

Yes! Eric was introduced to an entirely new way of training and workouts that take him less than 20 minutes to complete.

“After just 5 months of following Mark’s Lean Body Breakthrough Program, not only was I shocked at how simple and flexible his plan has been for me to follow, so far I’ve lost 33 lbs and way too many inches to count. Even though not everyday was perfect and I had to adjust after moving back stateside when the coronavirus hit, I am extremely satisfied with my results.”

If You’re A Busy Mom And Don’t Have Time For Crazy Long Workouts…

No problem!

Ginger dropped 40 pounds, dramatically shrunk her waistline, and is even back to running again!

“I’ve been way more consistent and saved so much time by not having to go to a gym for workouts. I love that I can do my workouts anywhere, at anytime…

And one of the best things is the workouts take less than 30 minutes to complete, which is so convenient having a newborn. Thank you Mark for all your help!”

If You Don’t Think It’s Possible To Get Back In Shape Without A Gym Membership…

It is!

Meet Chris, one of our newest Lean Body Breakthrough SUCCESS STORIES. 🔥🔥🔥

Chris didn’t let his job, time, finances, family, or even the coronavirus get in the way of getting his body and health back into the kind of shape he knew he had the potential for.

20 pounds down during quarantine and he’s just getting started!!

If You Don’t Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin And Your Body Feels Broken…

Casey was struggling with how she perceived herself. She had injuries, muscle problems, and little time as a travelling mom.

Yet, Casey lost 30 lbs, 20% of her body weight and 6 inches off of her waist alone.

“I feel comfortable in my own skin! I feel healthier, cleaner and I haven’t gotten sick or sore. Now, I look forward to working out and I’m even teaching zumba again”

If You Think You Need Long Cardio And Exercise Sessions To Lose Weight…

That’s what Sarah thought too. She thought you needed to workout for hours to get all the weight off and feel a lot better. But that wasn’t working.

Once Sarah started only working out for 20-30 minute a few times a week, she lost 30 lbs and 20 inches.

She was able to change her habits and mentality to be successful.

If You Live Outside Of The United States And Are Stuck In a Rut…

It doesn’t matter where you live because people around the world have problems with weight loss. The difference is: what kind of solution do you want?

Patrick from the United Kingdom found himself in a place where he always turned back to old habits. This caused him to lose weight and then gain it all back.

However, once Patrick found help in the US and found a permanent and long term solution, he lost 20 lbs in 2 months!

If You’ve Got Too Many People To Take Care Of And Don’t Have Time For Yourself…

Evie is a mom of 5 and had to take care of her family, husband, and the community. After a while she found her weight shooting way up.

Her family watched her transform into an inspiration for health and fitness as she dropped 40 pounds and ended up looking and feeling 10 years younger.

Now, she saves even more time, energy, and money being healthier!

Yes. In fact, more than ever!  

I understand millions of people across the world have just lost access to their gym membership, bootcamp classes and/or personal trainer. However, that doesn’t affect your ability to work with me. 

My program is fully online and can be done anywhere in the world. Whether you’re at home, at work, or at the park, you can access me and my program wherever you are!

On our free 1-on-1 strategy call we’ll brainstorm and build a plan made SPECIFICALLY for you. It’ll help you achieve your goals, overcome your problems, and build a solid foundation for your health and fitness so that you have a PERMANENT and LONG TERM solution. 

However, I only have a limited amount of spots so you have to hurry! If you’re seeing this now, that means that you can still join!

That’s up to you. I can say that it will likely be way faster than other programs you’ve done. 

Before sharing our group’s success rate, I want to share my own experience of just starting out…

I was an athlete in my teens and early 20s. And at the time, I did what most people in their late teens and early 20s do, which was not care at all about my overall health inside and out. 

I only cared about what my body looked like in a t-shirt or at the beach. I wasn’t interested in TRUE HEALTH. I went to the gym and trained as hard as I could and thought when I did that, it was my due diligence for the day. I didn’t dial in my nutrition. I wasn’t concerned about my flexibility and I definitely didn’t give a rip about how much I slept each night.

I thought the only thing that mattered was hitting the gym. And I hate to say it, but that was my personal training philosophy back in the day, too! But as you’d imagine, this path didn’t work well for me. It didn’t work well for my clients, either. And that’s when I began to change things up. 

I started running triathlons in my late 20s. And at that point I really tried to “tune in” to what my body needed and what it didn’t… I started doing the same for my clients, too—and focused on “whole health” instead of just trying to be strong in the gym or have some muscle on my body. 

Fast forward about 20 years later… I’m close to 50 years old and I’ve never felt in as good of shape as I’m in right now. I’ve never fit in my clothes better than I do now. And I’ve never been more confident about my health and fitness levels than I am today.

My coaching program teaches balance and habits.

I don’t believe in doing long workouts or hours of cardio or following a restrictive diet. Because, quite frankly, they don’t work. 

I believe in balance and I preach having indulgence meals in my program because we want to eat the foods we love! I enjoy having cookies or ice cream or bread or cake. I’m from New York, one of the best cities for food, so I love my pizza and I would die by it. 

I also help you build a foundation with your health and fitness so that you have the right habits. Most programs set you up for failure because they don’t actually show you how to overcome your temptations or fit indulgence meals into your plans. I ensure that my clients have the right habits so that they make life changes not temporary ones.

Because that’s not what you need when you’re a busy parent or busy individual over 40

I understand how important your time is. You want to work, spend time with family, have a social life, and not forget about yourself. I hear you!

That’s why I give you quick and effective body weight workouts so you can feel more energized every day and spend even more time with the people and things that matter to you most.

Absolutely. And honestly, that’s all we really need.

I know this works because this is what I use myself and what I have used for the 3000+ clients I have helped. 

You don’t need long workouts or cardio sessions to get leaner, toner, stronger, and fitter. Also, you don’t have the time for it. Trust me, you can do a lot in 20 minutes. If you don’t believe me, check out the testimonies and success stories above.

No! A gym membership may be helpful but the majority of our members don’t need one.

Most of the people who are part of my program are busy as it is so going into the gym would just eat up more of their precious time. All of my workouts can be done anywhere. In your house, in the backyard, at work, at the park. You name it, you can probably do it there. 

At the end of the day, we want to free up more of your time so you can spend it with the people you love or doing the things you love.

None at all! All you need is you. All of the workouts are body weight.

  • I help you lose weight
  • I help you get leaner and tone
  • I help you gain confidence
  • I help you have more energy
  • I help you overcome temptation
  • I help you get your time back
  • I help you feel better 
  • I help you take care of yourself
  • I help you better your relationships
  • I help you reignite the flame with your spouse
  • I help you get stronger
  • I help you get fitter 
  • I help you get healthy
  • I help you feel sexier
  • I help you maintain
  • I help you build muscle
  • I help you build the right habits
  • I help you stay accountable
  • I help you stay motivated
  • I help you feel supported
  • I help you make a lifestyle change

Bottom line: I give you a step-by-step plan and hold you accountable and keep you motivated to execute the plan effectively and efficiently via our unmatched support. That way you get real results. This is as 1-on-1 as it gets.

Absolutely. We are in service to YOU. So let me outline what that level of support looks like:

Immediately after joining our program, you will be put through 21 days of onboarding. These emails, videos and activities will lay the foundation for your health and fitness, help you be clear on what to do, and keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

To ensure your success, you will have direct access to me and access to a private facebook group where you’ll be surrounded by like minded individuals and get even more support and accountability. We at LBB are a family and want to see you and others succeed.

Yes. In fact, everything in your plan is customized to you. That means we can orchestrate your steps and lay out the quickest path to your ideal weight and lifestyle. As long as you are coachable and trust the process, we will move you in the right direction.

If fact, I’m so confident in my ability to.

As long as you do the work, I will keep coaching you.

Nope! In the program there is a simple way of portioning your food so that you don’t have to worry about the hassle of inputting food or weighing anything.

Nope. Here’s the simple truth: If you’re not confident enough to bet on yourself, then I’m not confident enough to bet my time, money, and energy on you either.

I’ve realized over time that success requires attention, risk, and sacrifice. And in removing those three elements, I would be doing you a disservice by positioning you to fail.

Of course. As long as you have access to a reliable Internet source, you are in business. The main reason I have so many clients from Canada and the U.S. is because I live in Florida.

All of your workouts, nutrition, and progress are found and accessed in the Trainerize app, which can be opened on your phone or computer.

Your workouts can also be done literally anywhere and that’s the beauty of using quick and effective body weight workouts.

Yes and there are many members who have prior injuries and ongoing pains

I have certifications and experience as a physical therapist assistant and strength and conditioning coach.

There have been many people who come to me wanting to lose weight and get healthier but have various injuries. This doesn’t stop anything! My program is low impact and is customized specifically to you so you can still lose weight despite having any upper or lower extremity injuries.

You can do it too! I have helped various types of people whether it be diabetes or women with thyroid problems, the program works for you!

I have worked with many members who have been able to overcome their health challenges and still get the results they wanted. The nutrition plan helps keep your body healthy and performing the best it can be so that you’re feeling more energized every day.

As a father of two, a business owner, and a frequent church volunteer, I totally understand your concern. But here’s the truth, there will never be a perfect time to start your health and fitness journey.

A lot of the program members first come to me struggling to balance their work and personal life. I have even had a mom of 5 children! I understand that it may seem difficult to take care of others and take care of yourself but here’s the thing! The better shape you’re in, the better you can provide for the people you love. In fact, it’s actually an ADVANTAGE — because now you are forced to focus on being simple and efficient with your time.

Also, ask yourself, “What’s the alternative?” The alternative is that you go back to where you are at now, consistently depleting yourself everyday or wasting time and money on other programs that don’t work.

So yes, you can absolutely do this with young kids and/or with a full time job/student. You will simply need to work smarter, not harder. I will show you how.

Bottom line: Successful people do not negotiate their dreams around circumstances, which makes right now as good a time as any to get started.

I’m different because I actually understand you. I am 47 now and I can relate to all of the aches and pains and challenges that come up with being over 40. I’m not a 20 or 30 year old fit guy trying to tell you what to do without knowing how, at our age, are in a different season in life. I understand how you feel having to put others before yourself.

I’ve been there. Now, since I know what it’s like, I also know that it’s possible to feel younger and have more energy because I honestly feel healthier and more energized than I did in my 20s.

The workouts and nutrition you see in the program are the same ones I do on a daily basis because they work. At our age, you don’t need long workouts or restrictive diets. That does not work for us!

Also, I am one of the most experienced coaches in the online space with over 25 years in the health and fitness industry. With everything that I have learned I am focused on creating a positive impact on each person that I help. This is not a side gig for me. This is my passion!

If you’re reading this right now, that means you’re the type of person I am looking to work with because you decided to take action on your dreams and you wanted to make a change. So keep going and take the next step by filling out the form above.

Simple, I never gave up. Throughout my 25 years in the health and fitness industry, I kept pushing through all of the ups and downs and I stuck with my goals. I learned from my mistakes and wanted to create something that helps others too!

In my years, I have been fortunate enough to have amazing coaches and mentors who have taught me incredible things about the body, mind, and spirit.

I am simply trying to help others reach the same place I have been able to get to and not let my age stop me from feeling the best I have ever been.

This will work because it’s tailored 100% to your needs and goals. Each member in the program has a plan that is specific to their goals and abilities.

This isn’t your usual free or 99 dollar program because this is an actual permanent and long term solution. In the program, you are getting a workout plan, a meal plan, and systems that will help you stay on track. However, the real product is actually learning the fundamentals of health and fitness and learning habits that will last a lifetime. I am not trying to help you for 8 weeks or 6 months or even for a year. I’m trying to help you for life.

I am even confident enough to say that as long as you stay true to the Lean Body Breakthrough Promise and do everything in the program but don’t get the results you want, I will continue to coach you for free until you crush your goals.

I hear you. I was too when I first invested into myself. As a Christian, I take fear as opportunities to grow. I lean into the feeling and trust that at the end of the journey, I know that I will be at the finish line so now it’s just doing what needs to be done to get there.

But if you are a little scared, that is completely normal. It just means you are taking this investment opportunity seriously. But let me reassure you that fear is the path to your freedom! Fear is the path to getting the change you want!

I hear you. Working with me, a highly experienced health and fitness coach, is not a free or cheap service. There will be a financial investment required. That being said, I make sure to price my coaching services to make sure they are affordable for anyone who is looking to make a serious change to lose weight, feel younger, and have more confidence. I offer payment plans and other options so money should not be an issue if you’re 100% committed to changing your life and body.

But, if even after that, you aren’t 100% committed or aren’t willing to invest in yourself I also have my free 21 day Lean Body Home Workout Challenge. You can find it here.

Yes, with one caveat: you will need to have a stable internet connection and either a smart phone or computer.

I understand that we aren’t like “the young kids” who fly through technology quite easily but I have made sure that everything is simple to set up and straightforward. I have a team that will ensure you are able to use the apps and program even if you aren’t a technology wiz.

You are not! I have been able to help men and women over 65 still achieve their goals and feel more confident and energized every day. If anything, it’s easier to look and feel 10 years younger.

Yes, Yes, and Yes! I believe that the only limits are the limits you put on yourself. If you’re reading this right now, that tells me that you want a permanent and long term solution and that you’re serious about making a change.

I have helped members lose over 100 lbs in a year. In my 25 years in health and fitness, I had one person work with me and lose 300 lbs! So I know it’s possible.

Absolutely. Although my main audience are busy men and women over 40, if you’re under that, you can still join. I help plenty of people under 40 still get the results they want because at the end of the day, the program works.

Not at all. I teach balance and building a proper foundation for your health and fitness so if you’re looking to just be healthier, stronger, and fitter, you can still join the club!

Yes. Each plan is fully customized to your needs, goals, limitations, and abilities.

The program has a minimum 6 month commitment as we’re trying to help you build habits. Also, the total duration of the program depends on how much time we’ll need based on what you’re ultimately trying to achieve.

Customized Time Efficient Workout Plan

You’ll receive a workout plan so that you can crush all of your weightloss goals. The programs will include all the videos, exercises, sets, and repetitions you need to know. Everything is easily accessible on an app to allow you to do the workouts wherever you are!

  • A unique and customized plan for your own goals and activity level
  • Quick workouts so that you are not taking up more than an hour of your day
  • Simple body weight exercises that you can do almost anywhere
  • And much more!


Simple And Flexible Meal Plan

You’ll instantly get an easy meal plan so that you are maximizing your fat loss!

Weight loss is 90% diet so we want to ensure that you are fueling your body with the right things and progressing each day!

  • Easy to follow plan to give you energy to crush each day
  • Flexible meals so that you can still eat all the foods you love!
  • Clear outline so that you know what to follow without any hassle
  • And much more!


Constant Support and Accountability

Once you join, you will be part of a family of individuals who are on the same journey as you. Mark will also ensure that you are constantly progressing towards your goals! In those times where you are struggling and being tempted, you will always have a shoulder to lean on and someone to help!

  • Be able to easy access Mark
  • Join a family who are invested in you and your goals
  • Have consistent check ins to help you with any questions or concerns
  • Be in a Judgement Free zone

Of course. And I strongly recommend it. We’ll tell you about two unreal bonuses we offer to anyone who pays in full that I know you’re going to want to take advantage of.

Personally I recommend paying in full because you’re inclined to have higher levels of action.

Credit card or paypal credit card or wire transfer. Myself or someone on our team will provide payment instructions during our strategy call.

I always recommend “committing first, and figuring out the rest later.” And if it is your partner that you need to talk to, use these three magic words, “Trust me, baby!”

In all seriousness, the only REAL reason you would need to speak with your partner is because they do not trust you. And they do not trust you because they sense deep down that you do not trust yourself.

Let me ask you this: do you ask your partner for permission to buy them a Christmas present or a birthday gift? I’m guessing you don’t. And why not? Probably because they trust you to make this decision.

If you do not believe in yourself to make a decision to be successful, you will always remain stitch. So I’ll say it again, commit first, use the 3 magic words after you enroll, “Trust me baby!” and then take massive action.

But if it is 100% necessary to have your partner’s approval, have them jump on the call with us and we will get their questions answered.

Of course. You will first speak to either myself or someone on my team to determine if we are a good fit to work together. That will give you a chance to get all of your questions answered. Scroll back up and start filling up the application right now and then book a call.

Absolutely! From my experience, it’s always helpful to have your partner be supportive and on board. In fact, the members who have both parties involved tend to succeed quicker because this adds another level of accountability that most people don’t have.

Since you’re in a boat with two eager and massive action takers, I have discounts that’ll make you want to add a third or fourth!

Questions? We’re here for you. Email our world-class Support Team at We’re rooting for your success!
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