Some people are interested in the backstory of Avens Fitness Systems.  Here it is in under a minute:

The year was 2010.

I owned a thriving neighborhood personal training facility in Atlantic Beach, FL. I was extremely fortunate to help some wonderful friends, and neighbors get healthy and into great shape. At one point my entire family worked out there…you might say we were the fittest family in the neighborhood. I designed, implemented and coached hundreds of successful fitness plans and was blessed to have such great clients and a staff of great coaches.

Over the years, the majority of clients we attracted were middle age and most struggled with at least one of three things:

  • maintaining a healthy weight
  • dealing with aches and pain
  • being pressed for time. 

When I first started Avens Fitness Systems, it was an online coaching tool I used primarily with my private 1 on 1 clients. It was a way for me to engage them in-between sessions, provide adjustments to their nutrition and workouts, and to help with motivation and accountability. I noticed that after the first few weeks’ clients were more engaged and more accountable, their results were not only much improved, their enthusiasm to continue improved as well.

As they say: the rest is history.

I found a common thread among my clients. Most did best when on the program we developed together, but their biggest challenge was in-between appointments. 

So, I created Avens Fitness Systems as a lifestyle health and fitness platform to bridge the gap and simplifying the process. I realized that the most effective way for me to succeed with my clients was to harness my experience and expertise in providing a clear and understandable direction. 

I wanted Avens Fitness Systems to be a solution for people looking to remove all obstacles from getting healthy and fit.

The result: My clients are achieving great success!

So, for those of you who are just learning about me and The Avens Fitness Systems, there’s good news…

After 20 years – I’m just getting started!

I’ve been fortunate to be a part of the health and fitness industry for so many years, and I am truly humbled and extremely grateful to all those who trusted me to lead them on the path to better health.

– Mark Avens

Beautiful wife and 2 amazing kids. #Blessed